This award is to acknowledge persons with disabilities who work in the community and have demonstrated exceptional dedication and determination. The Mayor's Disability Council recognizes the efforts of citizens in our community and the difference they make in Jacksonville. 

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With the winner's permission, photo and story will be placed on our website. Applications should be submitted to the Disabled Services Division via the form above, to the address listed below, faxed, or emailed to Applications will be kept on file for a minimum of one year from the date they were submitted. Winners will be notified by phone. 

March 2019 Community Employee Award Winner Mitch Gable

Congratulations to Mitch Gable, the 2019 Community Employee Award Winner. Mitch Gable accepts the March 2019 Community Employee Award

Mitch's Story

My first day of volunteering for Disabled Services was March 6, 2017.  I volunteered for 4 hours (8-12am) – 2 days a week.   I was always responsible for phone referrals.  Soon, I also shared responsibility of monitoring the “Waste Assistance Program” (WAP) in which I was charged with putting all of the file documents in alphabetical order as well as updating any customer record that might arise.  The whole process took me around 6-8 months to complete.

Since alphabetizing the WAP file, the office has stream-lined the system which has made it much more efficient for any authorized person to retrieve and/or update a customer’s file. I gained valuable knowledge from my volunteer experience.   

After approximately 18 months, I applied for a part-time position within City of Jacksonville.  One month later, I was called in for an interview.  My “attention to detail” was strengthened by the arduous task of the alphabetizing project, and it proved to be a highly desired attribute.  Two weeks later, the Human Resource Manager called and offered me the job. I was flabbergasted at first…Yes, I did accept the job. I am now working for the Duval County Clerk of Court in the recording department. I would like to thank the ENTIRE staff at Disabled Services for allowing me to work for them and constantly giving me the support & encouragement as well as the confidence that I needed to obtain my new position in the Duval County court system.     

Disabled Services Division
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